Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It takes forever to upload pictures here, so you may experience some inconsistencies between pic posting date and real life. Here are some from yesterday.

It's supposed to be somewhat rude to take pictures of people here, so I was surprised when these little girls asked me to take a picture with them. Cute.

This is an archery target we found on a dirt path. The Bhutanese love archery.

This is Zeb giving you a sense of scale. The Bhutanese are really good at archery.

This is Trashi Chhoe Dzong, the royal building that houses the government and royal monastic body.

And finally--a special prize to the first person who guesses what the function of this body of water is. Game on! Hint: it's not something Bhutan-specific.


  1. How many guesses do I get?

    1 - Feng shui. Building between mountain and water.
    2 - Fire protection.
    3 - Coy pond.

  2. Bill owns everyone. That is the prize. It's a zen thing think about it

  3. Thanks Jon. I should have stopped with my first thought. Since I'm unlikely to get to Bhutan, I'll wait for your next trip to NH to collect.