Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buddha Fail

As detailed succinctly in Zeb's blog (flamingthunderbolt.blogspot.com), the past day and a half have been largely taken up by boring bureaucratic blundering. We did take another nice hike, and again failed spectacularly to reach our unmapped destination--this time the telecom tower on top of a hill from which great views of Thimphu can be had. It was still nice, though. It also provided us with the experience that made my day.

Halfway up the mountain, deep into the 'burbs past where tourists dare to tread, we found ourselves walking behind a group of three monks. As always, we did our best to be deferential, especially in the hushed solitude of this ornate mountainside. Soon, though, we found ourselves gaining on them, walking, as they were, with the unhurried pace of those who dedicate their lives to seeking out the most fundamental truths of cosmic harmony. As we approached, we heard them laughing and yelping some high-pitched incantation: a ritualistic chant? An ecstatic cry brought about by some monastic revelation? As we came within a few feet, we realized that they were singing along. To a song. Playing on their cell phone.


the song


"Tik Tok."



I guess there's just no accounting for taste.


Still new in this mystical wonderland, we've been experiencing some firsts:
--first nose ring on a Bhutanese girl
--first Calvin Klein cowboy hat rocked by a Bhutanese gentleman in a gho
--first outdoor concert, by a power trio, in the town square, as part of an ongoing promotion for Toyota
--second Ed Hardy shirt

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  1. this will soothe your tired ears. i know your a fan of impressive musicianship. here is a little ray of of hope: h