Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Low content post

The best work my students have produced since before midterm break is the following metaphor:

"Bhutanese students are like ema-datse because they make foreigners sick."

I have realized I am very susceptible to tangents in class, because I am usually willing to indulge the one or two students who are in any way curious about anything. In the last three weeks I have tried to explain the Singularity, the sociological differences between Judaism and Christianity, and tautological arguments to kids who took two classes to understand haikus. Last period I spent five minutes explaining why jet-propelled aircraft cannot hover. I have some improving to do, teaching-wise.


  1. Since I'm a professional nitpicker, with extreme fuel use, certain jets can hover. See, for example,

    Don't avoid tangents entirely, but do limit the time spent on them. Five minutes seems reasonable.

    Glad to see you back to actively posting!

  2. I hope you spend some time explaining what tangents are to your classes. At least, to both the students that are listening!