Monday, April 19, 2010

Have you ever had to violently restrain a teenager from washing your dishes after fervently refusing to eat the food you offered him?

Have you ever been given a scolding lecture on how drinking alcohol is evil ("If you drink one bottle today, you will have to drink two bottles tomorrow, and then you are addicted") by someone who has been rabidly chewing betelnut in front of you for several hours?

Have you ever listened to a virtuoso pianist play an incredible jazz piece and then explain to the audience the concept of improvisation?

Have you ever gone out on the town with a friend your age and then hear them tell someone else the next day, (in these exact words,) "I went out last night intentionally to find a wife, but I failed?"

Have you ever been invited to have Sunday dinner with an extended family who strictly does not drink, but who stops their car on the way and insists you buy beer even though you really don't want to, just because they have seen you drinking once before in a totally different context?

Have you ever had a Buddhist Lama crack wise about the dirtiness of your socks?

If not, you have probably not been to Bhutan.

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  1. The socks were indeed something to behold...Cheers, Jon! Great Blog...
    see you soon...~N~