Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Beginnings

Unsurprisingly, I've started the inevitable blog several days into this crazy adventure. Well, really we're about 9 months in, but the first 8 3/4 were spent sending various emails and waiting several weeks for cryptic responses, and you don't want to hear about that, though if you're relatively close to me you surely did. The important part is that we're finally here--my compatriot Zeb, our slightly-removed friend Strass, and a business casual wardrobe, all ready to inspire the children of Bhutan. For a recap of our travels in India and our arrival here, see Zeb's companion blog at

Today was fairly lazy, which I'm writing off to letting my body continue adjusting to the altitude. We walked around town aimlessly and made a number of observations about the city, my favorite being--keep in mind that I'm officially an English teacher now--that every store that serves two functions uses the word "cum" instead of "and," i.e. "Restaurant cum bar," and once, epically, just "Cum bar." (Zeb pointed that one out.)

More to follow...


  1. My favorite being is that. You sound like my kids. "What do that be that you got there." (Is that a question?? A command?? We'll never know.)

  2. I have no idea what you're talking about.

    <3 xoxo